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At Adams Direct Consulting, we use the most advanced technology to reduce the rates of incidents of violence in the workplace. By using our Threat Mitigation (TM) application, we offer companies the opportunity to monitor suspicious incidents and possible precursors to workplace violence in real time.

How the Threat Mitigation (TM) application works?

In many cases it is the employees themselves who begin to notice changes in their coworkers, however, there are very few cases that are reported for fear of some kind of consequence.

These behaviors change with our app "The ADC Threat Mitigation"

Once companies subscribe to the ADC Threat Mitigation (TM) service, the TM application is…

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Fear security threats?

Use this app to mitigate immediate or distant threats.

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Want to secure your business environment?

Use this app as a platform to mitigate internal organisational threats.

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How this can help your business?

How this can help your business?

  • Mitigate internal organizational threats
  • Follow a streamlined security management process
  • Let this application be the eyes & ears of the top management
  • Always be vigilant

Making life easier for your security staff


Making life easier for your security staff